Tuesday , May 17 2022

Evelyn Bledans wanted to not ask again about unsuccessful pregnancy


Evelina Bledans, 49, has two children: Nikolai, 24, from her ex-husband.. Israeli businessman. and six years old Semen. He was born with Down's syndrome. His father, Alexander Semin, divorced Evelina a year ago. Evelina wrote more than once in social networks.. dreams of giving birth to a daughter. not even a man

  • www.instagram.com/bledans/

  • www.instagram.com/bledans/

At the end of August, the TV presenter made IVF in the presence of the channel's film crew "Russia 1 ". Show in September "Andrey Malakhov. Live "reported. The procedure was successful and Bledans a child is waiting.

The Internet is actively involved in this news.. counting. Evelyn simulates pregnancy for the sake of PR. The artist pointed out the failed ECO protocol on November 13th.. Write on Instagram & # 39;. all dreams do not come true.


After countless questions in comments, Bledans published the second article.. She no longer wanted to raise this issue: eme Do you like it?. when do you pity? Not me. Although I can last a very long time … Everything does not always work. Imagine … Don't ask about pregnancy. Please! Why can't I comment? " (Spelling and punctuation are the authors. – Approximately. Ed.).

Evelina wrote. It is hard to talk about a failed pregnancy, and it is clear that Andrey Malakhov will not argue with her on the show.

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