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Doctors discharge terms called Armen Dzhigarkhanyan "BIMRU


November 8 – BIMRU.RU. Armen Dzhigarkhanyan was in the hospital in mid-October, and then the player was presumed to spend a medical institution for a week or two on the advice of his doctors. Until the present time, the patient is still in the hospital, "Evening courier" reports.

Reports on the status of Armen Borisovich were shared by his representative Arthur Soghomonyan. The man said that doctors gave good estimates and that the actor could leave the medical institution only a few days later. There was nothing critical to him, but the doctors insisted that they remain under the supervision of Dzhigarkhanyan.

At the same time, Soghomonyan says that after his discharge, Boris Borisovich would not be able to return to the theater at once, as he would need some time to recover in a calm and ugly environment. The timing of the return to work is still unknown – doctors recommend avoiding any stress.

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Actor Armen Dzhigarkhanyan came out of his coma. This was reported by TASS to a resource in the medical circles of capital. Istikrarlı Armen Borisovich came out of the coma and is now conscious, the artist's situation is stable. Tomorrow, it will be transferred to one of the best metropolitan clinics, iyi he added, adding that Dzhigarkhanyan's diagnosis is not yet established. Earlier on 26 April, the People's Artist of the USSR was taken to a Moscow hospital and connected to a ventilator. Dzhigarkhanyan was reported to have been hospitalized with a heart attack. Lawyer Elina Mazur's lawyer confirmed the hospitalization, stating that hospitalization was a result of incomplete pneumonia in winter. This is the third time the actor has been hospitalized since the beginning of the year. On January 17, Dzhigarkhanyan was taken to the city clinical hospital from his theater in Moscow. N. I. Pirogov, suspected hypertensive crisis. Previously, doctors were reported to have suspicion of neuralgia, also did not indicate that the artist could catch the virus. Doctors examined, ECG, X-ray and other procedures, did not occur any serious disease. January 31 Dzhigarkhanyan was taken to one of the capital hospitals. In Dzhigarkhanyan theater, TASS confirmed his admission to the hospital. He was discharged from the hospital on 2 February. Dzhigarkhanyan, 82, leads the Moscow Drama Theater. Known for their roles in films, "Hi, it's me!" "Passport", "Regicide". The People's Artist of the USSR, "For Services to the Motherland" II, III and IV degrees, gave the Medal of Honor of Armenia.

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Due to hospitalization, Dzhigarkhanyan could not attend the hearing about his ex-wife Vitalina. For the first time in a year, Armenia hoped to meet Borisovich face to face.

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