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Key violations

The most common electoral violation of Konovalov headquarters called Artyom Prokofiev, the activities of the People's Head movement. According to him, members of the movement were placed on the territory of the voting stations and invited to participate in the so-called formative inquiry – put a mark on the list of alternative candidates, including Khakassia 's acting Mihail Ravozhaev.

Representatives of the Communist headquarters, representatives of the oylama People's Moroccan & project sent out SMS messages on the streets, calling for distributed leaflets and voting against Konovalov.

Yury Afonin, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, said, “In addition to the People's Head project, we have not noticed a serious violation of someone trying to shake the situation. Rusya

The Communist called the ına Head of the People ve movement, which is ıla a mine for the entire electoral system of Russia, n as an example of an alternative voting which could not be arranged in any way and used to discredit the results of the official elections. U You understand that such a situation is anti-state, “he stressed.

The Communist Party uncovered a large number of observers at the voting stations, so all attempts for violations were stopped, Prokofiev added.

Olga Kuyukova, secretary of the election committee of Khakassia, said in a speech to RBC that representatives of the People's Head project had the right to run polls, not in the voting center. Endi In the immediate vicinity of the voting center and if the elections were intervened, they were asked to leave, “he said.

Yapmak Campaigning on election day is of course forbidden. However, the secretary of the commission, we found them only in the election centers and did not have any complaints about the execution of the campaign.

Razvozhaev on Sunday did not leave a comment.

Observers are also referred to in the Voice of Violations map as PEC. She complained that her ink pen was missing in the town of Sayanogorsk, 99, in the voting booths. Observers called the police and drew a protocol.

Stanislav Andreychuk, a member of the board of Golos observers, commented on the vote in Khakassia, saying, yönetim It's alarming at Chernogorsk & # 39; s. pointed out to a situation; where, at a number of voting points, voter lists who voted in the election of places appeared to be incompatible with those in the GAS system. elections. "The same people were found in different places. The observers stated that they had reported a violation of 37 surveys. Andreichuk said that there was indeed a discrepancy between the Electoral Commission of the Territories of Montenegro and that these information would be taken into account when imitating the voting results.


Khakassia Konovalov added about 30 thousand votes to the conclusion of the first round – according to official data in September, he reminded 71 thousand, political analyst Alexander Pozhalov. Dı It's about 40% of the bonus received in the first round, çok he stressed. The former head of the republic, Viktor Zimin, who was the main ikinci allergy. Of the voters, left the area and did not take part in the second round. "The protest did not go," the expert said.

"Time turned out to be more effective two months after the campaign, which was based on the dissolution of the government and its brothers," Pozhalov said. Says. She calls attention this time, including administrative resources, including the activities of the "Communist Party and the government, the project" people's "project, and calls on Abakan mayor to vote against Konovalov."

The political analyst Konstantin Kalachev acknowledged that the People's Head project and the authorities' calls for voting against Konovalov were in favor of the communists, and that their opponents went too far. Men However, the authors of this idea have provided the polarization of the situation – they have divided Khakass voters. It could be an attempt to build an inin anti-Konovalov inin front if it was a bookmark for the future, so it would be easier to raise the issue of mistrust of the elected governor. Bu

The second rounds of 2015 and 2018, in the second round, showed that the main increase in turnout was in the opposition's vote, and reminded Pozhalov of the opposition. Bilir This trend was confirmed in Khakassia, so paradoxically, we can say that the mobilization campaign of the authorities is working on Konovalov, which maintains a high level of opposition and maintains a protest agenda and a desire to vote against it.

”But the main outcome of the government was that the negative vote on 9 September was not much more than just Zimin's, the government and its representatives,“ he said. . This is a significant risk before being re-elected to Primorye,, Pozhalov said.

Only candidates

The first round of elections in Khakassia was held on 9 September. Viktor Zimin, then head of the republic, Viktor Zimin, the first secretary of the regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, was Valentin Konovalov, the director of the Sovremennye Tekhnologii Alexander Myahar, representing the Growing Party, and the Social Revolutionary Party. Andrey Filyagin assumed the post of head of the region.

Konovalov (44.81%) and Zimin (32.42%) entered the second round. Filyagin ranked third with 11.23%; Myahar came in fourth with 6.61%.

However, on the 21st of September Zimin withdrew from the second round and announced his decision with his medical condition. The governor accepted the decision to refuse to participate in the elections after the presidency's call – Zimin failed to win the campaign, a resource close to the Kremlin, and told RBC a source close to Zimin's headquarters.

He appointed Mihail Ravozhaev, deputy prime minister responsible for the affairs of the North Caucasus, as interim president of the republic.

He asked Razvozhayev "to work there for a month, to take control of the situation in the republic" and to "help make elections in a clean, open and lawful way". After that, Vladimir Putin pledged to bring Razvozhaev back to Moscow and to refer to him "federal institutions" in a good sense with his "experience and" ambitions.

Shortly after the appointment of the new vrio, the Social Revolutionary Party Filyagin, who was expected to compete with Konovalov in the second period, refused to participate and then Myahar withdrew. With each withdrawal of the candidate, the voting day was postponed. As a result, the second round, nominated by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, was commissioned on 11 November.

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