Tuesday , October 4 2022

Can a cell phone cause cancer?


The US National Toxicology Program has finally published a study on whether mobile phones are any reason to think about the cause of cancer. Conclusion: yes, but under very limited circumstances.

Day.Az reports for the study with reference to popmech.ru, which shows that NTP exposes rats and mice to radio frequency radiation for nine hours a day for two years.

After this treatment, 5% to 7% of male rats developed malignant neuromas in the heart, and 2-3% of male rats developed malignant gliomas with a type of lethal brain cancer. None of the rodents in the control group had similar symptoms.

The above results gave the agency sufficient reason to suggest that the connection between the use of mobile phones with the formation of cardiac neuromas and "some evidence" is "clear evidence" and is a link to brain cancer.
It seems like everything is not open, but there are some nuances.

First, the NTP work began in 1999 and modern mobile phones no longer use the same radio frequency. If you don't just use the 2G-capped sleeve, the radio waves from your mobile phone can enter the human body with great difficulty.

Secondly, mice were exposed to slightly more severe radiation than an ordinary cell phone user.

Lar In our work, rats and mice are exposed to radiofrequency radiation all over the body, çalış said John Bucher, one of the leaders in the study, in a press release. In fact, studies have been conducted higher than that of people. "

In general, spending 30 million dollars and twenty years, scientists could not determine whether their cell phones were harmful to health.

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