Thursday , August 11 2022

Arctic frosts coming to Moscow – Rambler / news


Meteorologists predicted the Moscow Arctic icing next Monday. The air temperature drops to -10 degrees Celsius.

"Anticyclonic conditions, in almost open-air and arctic cold weather, cold weather in the early morning and early hours will explode: -6 … -8 ° in Moscow, -5 … -10 ° in the Moscow region, still in the afternoon 0 °, 3 degrees below the normal climate norm, un Phobos air center.

According to meteorologists, on Thursday night, Moscow will snow for 2-3 centimeters and will warm up to +5 on Friday. At the same time, heavy rainfall will occur and during the day will take place mostly in the form of rain.

Moscow threatens with a coup d'etat

From November 19, the formation of a sustainable snow cover will begin.

Today the climate came to Moscow. According to long-term climate data, on November 10th, the average air temperature in the capital was continuously passing from 0 to negative values.

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