Tuesday , July 27 2021

Apple patents the ”holey“ screen for mobile devices

The company has probably appreciated the new trend set by Samsung and decided to adopt it.

Apparently, Apple explored the essence of an innovative concept and patented the ın leaking bir screen. The document contains a complete description of methods and technologies for integrating the camera into protective laminated glass.

The patent also states that the claimed technology can be applied in different types of mobile and stationary devices. The list includes: phones, smart glasses, phones and televisions, but is expected to be the main focus of smartphones. It comes from drawings. According to them, the location of the hole in the middle of the screen was placed in the corner, not in the middle.

As experts have noted, a patent has not yet been launched on an iPhone. Innovation is possible to remain on paper. For example, in the case of smart glasses when the document appeared to be a suitable solution.

The network realized that Apple was preparing to abandon Face ID in this way, so that after the Koreans tested the ultrasonic sensor of the fingers, Apple could start to implement it.

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