Thursday , August 11 2022

Apple has released iOS 15.0.2. What’s up


Today, October 11, Apple released another iOS update. Anyone can install it right now. Let’s remind you that in the previous version, the developers fixed the error of unlocking the iPhone 13 using Apple Watch, which users encountered before. The current version 15.0.2 offers bug fixes that will make iOS 15 even better.

iOS 15.0.2 has been released. We tell you what has changed

iPhone 13 Pro Max против Samsung S21 Ultra: кто проработает дольше?

What’s new in iOS 15.0.2

The next update is minor and contains bug fixes without global innovations. We will tell you what has been fixed.

MagSafe wallet connection error resolved

  • Still error in iMessagecaused the recorded images to be deleted.
  • Restore-related issues have been fixed or iPhone 13 update using iTunes.
  • Due to fixed bugs AirTag device It was not displayed on the Items tab in Find.
  • Fixed an issue where CarPlay would not open audio apps and freeze when playing music.
  • Handbag MagSafe connects To FindMy where you had problems before.

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iOS 15 issues

We remind you once again that updates are dangerous in their own way. It’s important to remember to create a backup and have our article nearby on how to get your phone up and running even if it freezes during the update process. Unfortunately there is no way to revert to iOS 14.8, but you can revert to iOS 15.0.1 using the previous algorithm.

Did you encounter a problem? we have a solution

Colleagues in the editorial office faced iPhone overheating, but judging by the description of iOS 15.0.2, this has not been fixed.

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By the way, I ran into my first serious incident the other day. Error in iOS 15.0.1 – during an incoming call the screen went off and did not respond to pressing. Reopened after the search was over. Why? I think it’s a one-time promotion. Anyway, I haven’t come across similar complaints anywhere.

I couldn’t find a similar situation.

We also explained the issue of clicking on the screen in detail. If you do, don’t forget to read our article.

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