Friday , August 19 2022

Ani Lorak stunned by a 60-year-old man got into the locker show "Sound" :: Show business ::


Blind auditions continue in the audio show. In the first channel, his mentors, Ani Lorak, Basta, Sergey Shnurov and Konstantin Meladze, recruited their teams.

In the fifth part of the show, Kanal One surprised the audience. A famous blues singer and finalist "Voice. 60+" Nikolai Arutyunov Sergey's son appeared on the stage.

A young man sang the song "Send me an Angel" by the legend Scorpions. Sergei's voice shocked the mentors and four jurors turned to him. The player's choice fell to Basta.

Before Sergei entered the stage, Dmitry Nagiyev said: "The apple tree fell near the apple." When Arutyunov told him, the host musician removed Nikolai from his wings. Relatives were asked to make joint composition.

Ani Lorak was completely fooled by the provocative songs of 60-year-old Arutyunov and entered into the dressing. Mentor jumped up from his seat and started dancing.

. I simply don't know where to look, lam Lorac told his father and son. The two most talented people, En he said. Suddenly, it shone with sincere joy until the contestant and his father were removed from the scene.

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