Tuesday , October 4 2022

Andrei Konchalovsky learned his illegitimate daughter after 17 years


The other day, 63-year-old actress Irina Brazgovka visited the studio of Boris Korchevnikova. A celebrity told me that his daughter learned of Andrei Konchalovsky years after her daughter Daria was born.

On November 7, the well-known Soviet and Russian actress Irina Brazgovka was the guest of Boris Korchevnikov's ak Fate of Man tanınmış. The main subject of the interview was the personal life of the artist and the first serious love affair with the famous director Andrei Konchalovsky. In the air, Irina recalled that the actress, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, who introduced a famous director in the cinema hall, was thanks to a friend. “I was excited about this acquaintance. It was so bad because I felt naked. Everything looked good, but I've been treated so much, I was very shy. I think you've liked it, itti she said in an interview.

Irina had not thought that she would have had an affair with Andrey, but the director showed active sympathy, but she was married at the time. However, the love affair has gone too far. After a while the player realized that he was in position.

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– r He left and during that time I was on tour and learned that I was pregnant. No husband, no shelter, no business tour. I thought, in a sinful affair, I would get rid of the child, k said the actress. <! –


Irina gave birth to a girl she was looking for Daria. For many years, Andrei Konchalovsky did not even know that he had an illegitimate daughter. Only 17 years after Darya was born, the distinguished director knew the truth (like a girl). An acquaintance shared with Irina said about the varicose veins Konchalovsky. Without any paternity test, the director immediately recognized her daughter and vowed to support and protect her in every possible way. [“Он позвонил сам и сказал, что все знает. Я призналась, что это правда. Даша сама уже начала догадываться, потом я ей призналась»]- He shared with Boris and Irina. According to the artist, Daria soon became friends with her father.

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