Tuesday , May 17 2022

Anastasia Volochkova received a bouquet of all shelves for hand luggage on the plane


42-year-old actress Anastasia Volochkova, alone brought her 13-year-old daughter, Ariadna, from businessman Alexander Vdovin. In addition, the artist helps his paralyzed 69-year-old father: he organized repairs in his autumn apartment. temporarily November 18 returned to his apartment. and Anastasia continued to tour.

This weekend Volochkova took the stage in the Krasnodar Region. The audience gave dozens of bouquets to Anastasia. Some of them sent to Moscow by bus.. and the remaining flowers moved in the plane.

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In social networks, Volochkova showed a difficult process of carrying gifts – bouquets occupied all the racks for hand luggage. The player thanked his fans: lar Favoriim. I feed every flower. was given to me. applause. polite words and hugs! " (Spelling and punctuation are the authors. – Approximately. Ed.)

In the comments, users accused Anastasia of selfishness and. the other passengers also put their luggage: ular Why do you carry them with you? And who dragged them to the plane? Or did someone flew in the cabin? But the photo shows the same thing. It is not "," the smell was probably cool in the cabin. Is it interesting. Did people hide anger and displeasure for this smell? "

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