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American laboratory technician accidentally caught with smallpox virus

Vaccinia virus is part of the smallpox family, a deadly disease that humanity finally eradicated in 1980. VACV is used to create a smallpox vaccine and is still used in laboratories to transmit genes to biological systems.

After placing a genetically modified version of VACV in the tail of a meandering mouse, the lab technician accidentally went mad with a needle. Immediately after the injection he went over them and returned to the emergency room.

Despite treatment, on the tenth day of the disease, his finger looked very swollen, and on day 12, a fever with a temperature of 38 degrees began, the lymph glands began to grow and the whole body began to break.

On that day, he received antibodies against the vaccination medicine and a virus inhibitor called Tecovirimat to help the immune system fight the virus. Researchers explained that Tecovirimat was first used for this type of infection.

As a result, the full treatment of the laboratory assistant lasted four months, during which he had to take a vacation to avoid spreading the virus. The publication points out that the main mistake in the incident lies with the employer who cannot transfer the danger of VACV strains to the employee.

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