Friday , May 20 2022

Ald Everything will happen very quickly Buz: The sun stopped and the world plunged into a new Ice Age


Experts say that climate change in the coming months may cause crop failure and famine in many countries in Europe and the world.

In addition to the Ice Age, thousands of years ago history knows the phenomenon of the Little Ice Age occurring in the Middle Ages. During that period, especially between 1645 and 1715, cold weather in Europe and other continents were observed and frosts were recorded in the summer. At the end of this anomaly, it led to major problems, including death of the crop and consequently the hunger of the population. NASA scientists believe that this can happen again and that it is coming soon.

Therefore, researchers of the aviation agency have recently realized that the activity of the Sun has decreased significantly. Flares on the surface of our star are not practically fixed, which has not been observed for many years. The sun was actually frozen. All this is related to the beginning of a new cycle, as NASA has pointed out, but at the same time, changes within the star can seriously affect the Earth. Specifically, experts determined that similar processes were the same during the Little Ice Age period. At the same time, experts note that some of the relevant phenomena are already felt. For example, abnormal snowfall and frost were recorded in climatic zones; something like this did not happen at the beginning of this year.

As stated in NASA, everything will happen very quickly in the coming months and therefore people will not be prepared for changes. The consequences of the beginning of the new Ice Age, where the world is sinking, are not yet predicted by scientists. Perhaps this will not bring great misfortune to mankind and will pass relatively painlessly and even cause the death of millions of people.

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