Wednesday , June 16 2021

Who is afraid of Huawei? Reasons why American espionage was tied to ropes by their leaders – Evenimentul Zilei

The heads of six US intelligence services, including the powerful NSA and CIA, have publicly warned overseas citizens not to use Huawei phones. The Chinese company was on the verge of partnering with two major US telecom operators, Verizon and AT&T, but their efforts were hampered by political factors at the last minute.

Huawei public enemy no. 1 to Apple?

Go4it reports that the first Huawei smartphone to be officially distributed through AT&T is a Mate 10 Pro phablet. Such a partnership could have helped the company overtake rival Apple, which was a huge target for the Chinese giant. As some experts have predicted, it is possible for Apple to lobby Huawei not to give the green light.

The heads of the secret services have not provided concrete evidence to confirm why these smartphones are dangerous. So far, independent security experts have found nothing suspicious about the devices manufactured by the Chinese company.

However, US officials accuse Huawei of having close ties to the communist government in Beijing and Chinese intelligence services. The company, which denied the claims in the past, offers free smartphones in the US market that can be purchased in stores.

What is the “arm of the Chinese government” hiding?

Huawei was founded by a former Chinese army engineer. Some American politicians even called it “an arm of the Chinese government.”

FBI chief Chris Wray believes the government should not allow a company or organization that does not share the democratic values ​​of the United States to gain a strong position in the telecommunications market. Moreover, as he can take advantage of his position to use him in later acts of espionage.

Some US lawmakers are considering enacting a law prohibiting Huawei and ZTE devices from being used by public sector employees.

“Huawei has the trust of governments and customers in 170 countries and does not pose greater IT risks than other manufacturers,” a Huawei spokesperson told CNBC.

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