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Weather news from PROTV, "isolated" in Intensive Therapy


Florin Busuioc had an infarction on the Olteia Philharmonic Orchestra scene in Craiova on Tuesday evening with a few heart attacks. A beautiful group of SMURDs was called to the scene, who was resurrected for good moments and then took him to the hospital. (How to make quick money) Now, after it has been brought to the capital, PRO TV's weather news server becomes "isolated" in the Intensive Care Unit. CANCAN.RO, SITE NO. ROMANIA 1, for the first time, presents pictures of the hall where the famous actor. (READ WITHIN THE MOST COMPETITION IN THE COMPETITION AND READ THE GREAT, "PRIZONIER"

Seriously, he was operated in Craiova County Emergency Hospital by Florin Busuioc, doctors Paul Trashcă and Eugen Ţieranu. PRO TV was given a stent. Then it was decided to move the player to Bucharest with a SMURD helicopter.(Earn $ 10,000 a month and win!) The plane, Wednesday afternoon, the Morari Fire Department and the Bus, "C.C." was accepted. Iliescu Hospital, Fundeni Hospital. (NOT TRUE, HERE: CANCAN.RO, "THE KING OF THE SITES IN ROMANIA!"

"Absolutely prohibited access"

CANCAN.RO, ROMANIA, SITE NO.1PRO TV shows its first showroom, where the famous weather news server is located. Behind some white doors written in capital letters: "Absolutely prohibited access"PRO There is a reserve where the TV star is treated.(Best videochat studios in Bucharest)

Florin Busuioc is currently based in the Intensive Care Unit of the Funden Hospital, where the best doctors are treated appropriately. (READ THE FIRST PICTURES WITH THE BRUTIT BRIEF AND THE LOGODNIC MORE AFTER KNOWN later!)

Hall where Florin Busuioc is treated

Saved by home doctor

In the aftermath of the infarction in which Florin Busuioc lived, incredible information was revealed. Eugen Ţieranu, one of the two doctors who went to the operating room to save the actor's life, is located and is said to be unemployed as there is no hospital space.

As soon as she entered the hospital, the artist was taken to the operating room. Two young doctors were operated by Eugen Ţieranu and Paul Trashcă. The head of the Craiova Cardiology Department did not answer the phone when he was called from home. urgently tried to intervene.(READ: AMAZING STORY OF LAMBORGHINI OWNERSHIP IN BUCHAREST)

The first of the doctors is at the end of the residence. At the age of 30, Zieranu agreed to enter the operating room with his colleague doctor, Paul Trashcă. The intervention took 10 minutes and we had no problem. (Get your dream car in just a few months!)

Florin Busuioc made his debut on TV in 1996

Florin Busuioc was born on May 19, 1962 in Hunedoara. He grew up here, but also grew up in the village of Shoimăreşti in Neamda County. The charismatic artist is known as a TV man rather than an actor. His dream of becoming an actor brought him to Bucharest. . Busu olarak, as the public knows, made its debut in 1996 and was named the best weather presenter of the European Meteorological Society in 2010.(READING AND: MANEVRA DNA IS DEVELOPED IN TERROROCIAL STATUS)

"We started with the TVR "Boy-Top Minitop", a children's program. I've come to make a movie for TVR, it's a chirping story with a cat printed by a hotel. Please, it was a beautiful movie. Manufacturers of Tip-Top Minitop noticed me and offered to do so. The show lasted for a few years, but also for children, we did a parallel show on TVR. After the show continued"TV presenter for said.

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