Monday , September 26 2022

UPDATE. Florin Busuioc brought to you in Bucharest by URGENT. Last time info



Actor Florin Busuioc will be brought to Bucharest by the SMURD helicopter and will probably settle at Fundeni Hospital.

"Everything went as normal as possible. The patient benefited from the physician's intervention when necessary. He was resuscitated by a SMURD team, moved to the Emergency Rewards Unit, had an initial procedure – thrombolysis and then had an infarction in three hours. I said it was a huge heart attack. The doctor, who is emphasized, is the first interventionist, and the resident physician who is said to interfere with this intervention is supported by this procedure. There was also an electrophysiologist with European skills in the room. (…) Nothing can be criticized for intervening doctors. On Wednesday, I believe that the Antena 3 is done according to the protocol of the Minister of Health.

The actor Florin showed that Busuioc still has the best care in Craiova Hospital and is better off staying there.

The minister confirmed that the head of the cardiology department in Craiova did not respond to the phone, but he says that does not mean that someone is not doing the job.

If it is true that he could not undergo surgery without the approval of the Head of Department, he said: muh The idea here is that there are many hospitals in the country that have an intervention cardiologist, but not enough to close a guard; It is a common practice, so contacted with the head of the department, who did not answer the phone, and then the administrator came to the hospital and intervened in the primary doctor Trashka. "

Pintea said there are not enough doctors to preserve a guard at Craiova Hospital.

"Craiova, a regional center, must have a full guard of interventional cardiology, so there is a need for three doctors. The department of interventional cardiology is a new division and, of course, the hospital will have the necessary care to take part in the competition and recruit doctors. will reside in the fifth year, take the specialization test and then choose a competition based on a methodology in Romanian legislation. If the hospital in Craiova was not in another hospital to remove the positions, the doctor would take these positions to competition if he wished to take the exam in Craiova There is not enough doctors to go, no lack of funds, the hospital offers health services paid by the Provincial Health Insurance Office, salary increases are covered by the state budget, so the lack of funds There are no questions for experts in this area, but experts have a problem, "Pintea explained.

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