Sunday , May 22 2022

Stemmarean Emi Gal who got the diagnosis of cancer from revolution


The young man in Satu Mare and Emi Gal, Romania's Zuckerberg, are revolutionizing how cancer patients are diagnosed. Instead of painful biopsies, Tech Tech says that the system developed by Satu Mare is based on MRI and Artificial Intelligence.

After selling Bradenent, Emi Gal, a young man from the well-known Satu Mare, created a new beginning. This time about the medtech industry. In practice, Emi Gal has found a more accessible way to diagnose cancer. The biopsy is based on a mixture between MRI and artificial intelligence.

Gal is trying to obtain authority from the American authority that regulates the medical field to use artificial intelligence to diagnose cancer. Until now, the tests had a success rate of 90%. Gal launched a program for New York residents who could subscribe to their screening programs. A subscription fee covering access to MRIs and physicians is $ 999 compared with 1,500 for a regular appointment.

Emi Gal: A faster, more accurate and painless diagnosis

The idea came to Gal thanks to his collaboration with the Umut Foundations Foundation, which deals with recent cancer patients. He wanted to help develop faster and less invasive diagnostic methods.

Gal One of the biggest cancer problems is that we don't have a fast, precise and painless method to scan the body to find out where cancer cells are, hücr says Emi Gal for Tech Crunch.

Tests were made for prostate cancer, but Satemane hopes that it can implement the MRI and AI system for all cancers at the end. This way, more lives can be saved with a faster and more effective diagnosis.

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