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Scholarship starts on the worst day of the year

Considering the developments in the monthly BET index since 2000, November is the weakest BSE month and the market decreased by 0.2% on average this month. In the last 18 years, November was the only month of the year in which the negative developments in the Bucharest Stock Exchange occurred, while January was the best period, with an average increase of 6%.

However, the last two weeks were positive in the BSE, while the BET index increased 1.4% in November, while the BET-XT rose to 2.1%. Developments emerged as the first 9-month financial results announced by Romanian companies.

In the first nine months of the year, OMV Petrom (SNP) reported a net profit of TL 2.66 billion, up 44 percent from the same period of the previous year due to the improvement in commercial goods prices and the rise in electricity demand. In addition, Petrom's revenues rose 13% to € 16.1 billion. SNP shares increased 2.6% since the release of financial results (October 31).

BRD, another major company that announced its figures at the end of the third quarter, reported a net profit of 1.14 billion lei (+ 7.1%) and a 11% increase in net bank revenue. Although positive, the results did not constitute a significant surprise, so the reactions on the stock market were modest, with BRD shares recording a small correction of 0.1% on the announcement date.

The companies in the BET index ...

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T3 & # 39; s also publishes financial reports Medlife, SIF Banat-Crisana and Teraplast also is located. Medlife Group doubled its net profit by 33% in 9 months, 18.4% in SIF Banat-Crisana and 40% increase in Teraplast.

In recent weeks, the rise of the Romanian stock markets is in contrast to the negative developments in the German DAX index in West Germany, which fell by 0.2% in November and the FTSE 100 in the UK fell by 0.4%. On the other hand, the US stock market continues to rally, and the S & P 500 index recorded a 3.5% growth this month.

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