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Samsung, the fingerprint sensor security vulnerability on …

The Korean manufacturer said it has developed a software update that increases the hardness of the fingerprint sensor used by high-quality devices it launched this year.

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Samsung's ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which is integrated into the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 smartphone screen, has been allowed to be opened by anyone under certain conditions.

When the user registers a fingerprint with the gel protection foil mounted on the screen, the sensor does not receive enough information to distinguish the fingerprints. Thus, any finger placed on the fingerprint sensor was verified and access to the device was provided.

Initially, Samsung would not have had this problem by taking a daring, even aggressive stance, by telling users to buy a $ 30 foil.

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Later, after extensive media coverage, Koreans returned and announced that they would develop a patch to solve the problem.

Samsung now says the patch is ready and will be delivered with a software update in the future. Users with registered fingerprints and using this authentication method receive a notification when an update can be downloaded.

Samsung's flagship fingerprint sensor problem has forced some banks to make changes to their apps to protect their users. Some banks have gone so far as to completely block two phones that no longer can use their respective banking applications.

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