Friday , August 12 2022

Samsung introduced the foldable phone for the first time. VIDEO


On Wednesday, Samsung Electronics presented its long-awaited folding phone for the first time at a conference for developers in San Francisco.

According to, South Korean giant representatives have allowed Android programmers to start working on applications in this device.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer launched a new technology for flexible mobile device screens and announced that it is working with Google to improve it.

Collapsible telephones promise to allow users to perform more complex tasks, usually in tablets or laptops.

The aim of Wednesday's event was to receive particularly significant responses. Because developers will have to test new application technologies to see that the phone works smoothly when it takes the form of a tablet.

Samsung is among the few companies that have announced that folded phones will soon be available.

Although Samsung has not announced that it will launch new devices, analysts hope that this will happen in the first half of 2019, otherwise new Apple phones are likely to come to the forefront.

Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for Android, endorsed this term at a conference in California separate from Google.

"We are working on a new device that Samsung plans to launch next year. "Said. Burke said.

The Chinese company, Huawei Technologies, announced plans to open a 5G smartphone with a foldable display in mid-2019.

Both Samsung and Huawei were left behind last week by a Chinese screen maker introducing a foldable phone with a 7.8-inch display at a price of about 1,300 inches. Royole announced that he will start taking orders in late December.

High prices may give up the high demand for these products, and some analysts are skeptical about the high demand for such phones.

Samsung did not provide details about the prices of new phones on Wednesday.

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