Thursday , January 27 2022

Romania wins the remaining playoffs in the first stage of Rugby Europe


Stejarii continues to remain in Rugby Europe's first value program and will play in the Rugby European Championships in Georgia, Spain, Belgium, Russia and Germany.
Stejarii played in this meeting for 8 minutes after showing a 12-0 score Ionut Dumitru & # 39; s second attempt is being converted by Ionel Melinte.

The guests tried to return to the game and fell through Nuno Guates, but the difference in the table was protected by Stejari in Ionel Melinte's attempt and could not change it. Romania entered the closet with a score of 22-3, not Catalin Fercu, who pointed to the fourth attempt.
In the second half Stejarii continued to dominate the game, and Portugal scored three more points. Romania's good play was held in two articles by Daniel Plai, cited by Andrei Gorcioaia and Vladut Zaharia for the final score of 36-6.

Before the whistle, a silence was preserved in the memory of Mihai Ispas, a former member of the FRF Federal Office and former student in Sportul Studentesc. Also, today's match was the last match of the national team by Valentin Ursache (66 selections).

"It was an important victory, I'm happy with the result, I'm happy with many things, but we still have a lot of work to do. It seems to us optimistic about the future, because now we have about 50% of Team potential, we still have to do it, we need to smile today, two We've got pressure throughout the week, but we haven't tried to think much about it, it's the starters, they're very enthusiastic, they're playing at speed, I'm glad players understand my message, if they're working and they're going to be 100% training, they'll be on the team. "The coach of Romania, Thomas Lievremont.

They scored: Ionut Dumitru-2 trials, Ionel Melinte-e, tr, Catalin Fercu, Andre Gorin, Vladut Zaharia, Daniel Plai-2tr and Jorge Abesasis-dg, Nuno Guedes-lp

The Romanian team:
1. Constantin Pristaviţă (SCM Science Baia Mare) 2. Eugen Căpăţână (Timisoara Saracens) 3. Alexandru Ţăruş (Sales Sharks) 4. Marius Antonescu (Colomiers) 5. Adrian Moţoc (Agen) 6. Mihai Macovei Colomiers), 7. Valentin Ursache (Oyonnax), 8. Andre GORIN / Andrei Gorcioaia (RC Massy), 9. Florin Surugiu (CSA Steaua), 10. Daniel Plai, 11. Ionut Dumitru (CSA Steaua), 12. Fonovai Tangimana (CSM Bucharest), 13 Cătălin Fercu (Timisoara Saracens), 14. Vladut Zaharia (Timisoara Saracens), 15. İlectic Melinte (CSA Steaua)
REZERV: 16. Andrei Rădoi (Timisoara Saracens), 17. Ionel Badiu (Romains), 18. Alexandru Gordas (CSM Bucharest), 19. Johan Van Heerden (Perpignan), 20. Adrian Ion (CSM Bucharest), 21. Valentin Calafeteanu (CSM Bucharest), 22. Vlăduţ Popa (Timisoara Saracens), 23. Florin Vlaicu (CSM Bucharest)

Team Portugal:
1. Jose Lupi, 2. Nuno Mascarenhas, 3. Diogo Ferreira, 4. Cunha Salvador, 5. Jose Alte, 6. Salvador Santos (C), 7. David Carvalho, 8. Francisco Sousa, 9. Joao Belo, 10. Jorge Abecasis, 11. Pedro Silveiro, 12. Tomas Appleton, 13. Vasco Ribeiro, 14. Rodrifgo Freudhental, 15. Nuno Guedes.
Reserve: 16. Jose Sarmento, 17. Joao Melo, 18. Jose Roque, 19. Rui Branco, 20. Francisco Vieira, 21. Antonio Vidinha, 22. Rodrigo Marta, 23. Francisco Bruno

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