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Radu Ștefan Bănică, sensual dance and sexy outfits: “I think my dad will be surprised the most”

Tefan Bănică’s eldest son is already making fun of young women in Romania. Although many people say that Radu is strikingly similar to the character of the famous artist in the movie “Liceenii”, Radu Bănică knows how to win his audience, even if there are some extravagant moments that leave his fans speechless.

Radu Ștefan Bănică, sensual dance and sexy outfits

The 18-year-old artist is one of the most beloved contestants of the last season at Antena 1, Where I Get to Know You From Somewhere Radu Ștefan Bănică demonstrated that he is an artist who can make full and chameleons during the prints of the show. He successfully transfers himself to the skin of any character the famous roulette can offer him.

Because he loves challenges, in his Saturday April 3 issue, Radu tefan Bănică delighted the fans of the show with a range of sensual dances and sexy outfits, and he turned into none other than Delia.

Sworn in the X Factor and iUmor, former contestant I Know You From Somewhere, and considered by many to be the best female voice in Romania, Delia is one of the most controversial and heavyweight characters to fall into transformation roulette in all 16. seasons so far.

I can’t wait to see him sing “1, 2, 3, 4, my boyfriend is easily broken” when I see my dad transform me into Delia at this premiere. If she dies in Lady Gaga, which was a bit of a problem, check out what she’s doing in Delia! Te Cunosc also announces the son of tefan Bănică before performing at Undeva.

I think your dad will be the most surprised! – said the acting teacher Cristi Iacob.

Radu tefan Bănică removed his colleagues from the chair.

“Slow, my love, the bed is breaking!” The leitmovite of the song “1,2,3,4 / Where is there no love, nothing”, which Radu B “nică had to perform at the latest premiere of I Know You From Somewhere.

Wearing a colorful T-shirt, tiny black trousers, boots, a yellow wig and a queenly crown, the young artist had a big day show that shocked even the judges.

“I was just afraid of this moment. It’s a bit bifurcated and she sang it. It’s not easy to imitate Delia, but that means it didn’t work for you,” said artist Ozana Barabancea.

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