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Private Video | Vali Moraru and Ion Crăciunescu live dialogue on TV. Funding of CSA Steaua, the “apple of discord”, by the Ministry of National Defense

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Football team financing From the budget of the Ministry of National DefenseIn addition, the reason why the team does not have the right to promote has been on the agenda since the team was founded in 2017, numerous negative reactions.

Governor Moraru and Ion Crăciunescu, live dialogue on TV, about the financing of CSA Steaua

Now, the controversy has resurfaced and journalist Governor Moraru and former international referee Ion Crăciunescu “agreed” on this issue live on Digi Sport Special.

While the moderator of the program thinks that it is abnormal for a Ministry to have a football team claiming to be professional, Ion Crăciunescu thinks it is natural for the Ministry of National Defense to finance the football team, as in other sports. He successfully included the Olympic Games.

Dialogue between Vali Moraru and Ion Crăciunescu from Digi Sport Special:

Ion Crăciunescu: “We have athletes from Steaua to the Olympic Games?
Governor Moraru: ”Including Anamaria Popescu and David Popovici”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “I wanted to draw a parallel where a football team cannot be held (No. Minister)How about other sports?”.
Governor Moraru: ”Other sports are not professional”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Aren’t they professionals?”.
Governor Moraru: ”They are employees of the club.”.
Ion Craciunescu: I agree, but do they do amateur work?”.
Governor Moraru: ”Mr. Crăciunescu, what are we talking about? Tell me about another state in the European Union where the Army has a football team”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “So, is it mandatory to have an army? How many other sports are there in my opinion and you can do it, why not?”.
Governor Moraru: ”I asked you, give an example, in which state in the European Union, we are referring to certain standards that…”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Yes… we are so close to European standards that my eyes are watering”.
Governor Moraru: ”So, shall we try to be there or do we want to be like Uzbekistan? maybe it’s better there”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “I do not know”.
Governor Moraru: ”Does the Royal Army have a Premier League team?”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “I do not know”.
Governor Moraru: ”I’m telling you, he doesn’t. How you could not know? You know, but you don’t mean it”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “I have a different idea. What should the Steaua brand no longer be in Romania?”.
Governor Moraru: ”exist as legally possible”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Wait a minute, where was he, if not where was he? If they want to sell the brand because they no longer have the permission, to whom are they selling the brand?”.
Governor Moraru: ”This happened once”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “How was it? That they don’t sell Steaua”.
Governor Moraru: ”I don’t know how many years later, this is what we learned from court decisions. sell, rent, lease”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “So let’s not keep Steaua in Romania either. doesn’t seem normal to me”.
Governor Moraru: ”But is there a Dynamo? Does Dynamo Club still exist?”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Yes there is”.
Governor Moraru: ”But why no Star? Who told me to destroy the star? So as long as the Dynamo exists”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “It’s good that Dynamo exists”.
Governor Moraru: ”Why is there no star?”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “There is Star, but everyone says it doesn’t have to be this Star, it can’t be, it’s professional football.”.
Governor Moraru: ”Doesn’t that sound natural to you too? Why doesn’t the Ministry of Health make a football team?”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Their job, what?”.
Governor Moraru: ”Let’s have a sensible discussion. You’re telling me the Department of Defense can have a professional football team, why not the Department of Health?”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “because he had”.
Governor Moraru: ”Because if he has an anomaly in the past, do we have to continue with the anomaly?”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “So winning the Champions Cup was an anomaly.”.
Governor Moraru: ”Of course it was an anomaly. What does it have to do with the Army team or the Militia team? Say another state”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Look, we had the Army and Militia team and we had better football.”.
Governor Moraru: ”They have nothing to do with each other. Of course, football would have been better if you had brought the players to Dynamo and Steaua.”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “As for the options…”.
Governor Moraru: ”Yeah! Private football provides all the opportunities to play private football in a healthy way.”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Can’t you see, can’t you see?”.
Governor Moraru: ”We can’t, but does that mean we have to unite in the Department of Defense? Let’s do, what is the Ministry of National Education doing? Why doesn’t the Ministry of Finance have a football team?”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Well he hasn’t had it before”.
Governor Moraru: ”Well, if the Department of Defense can. What if he didn’t have it before? Let them do it, we’re doing a ministerial championship.”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “This is what you said…”.
Governor Moraru: ”Does what I say don’t make sense to you?”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “No, because if we have something good in Romania…”.
Governor Moraru: ”Mr. Crăciunescu, leave me something good. If we had bought the herb from Râmnicu Valcea, would we still have it? Let’s know how to protect the oltchim so that it still exists”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Mr. Moraru, for your information, the factory in Râmnicu Vâlcea could not meet the export demands and they closed it.”.
Governor Moraru: ”What do you mean? What period of our era are you talking about?”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “As long as there was a certain director there, he couldn’t handle it.”.
Governor Moraru: ”Are you talking about the revolution?”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Yeah, that guy couldn’t handle the demands. Everything they produced was extraordinarily good, and where? Down”.
Governor Moraru: ”And? Does it have anything to do with it? We are the ones who destroy these things”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “I agree here”.
Governor Moraru: ”Didn’t you see that the auction was held and who participated? A Romanian won and then went to jail”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Poles export, not us”.
Governor Moraru: ”Well, a professional football team of the Polish Army could also expel us.”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Maybe”.
Governor Moraru: ”Foreigners have destroyed our country, Mr. Crăciunescu. We’re so strong but look we’re confused with strangers that’s your opinion”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Strangers didn’t help us much?”.
Governor Moraru: ”You know how much money enters the country, how much we siphon. Too much”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Shall we siphon them? Well, why don’t you arrest those who take them and flush them. They left us without oil, without gas”.
Governor Moraru: Let’s go to Digi24 and express your political views there, I’m asking you where is the football team of Ordu and Militia? Where in the world?”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Not, I don’t know somewhere, I didn’t do a case study”.
Governor Moraru: ”We will learn. We want to be unique to show that we are the strongest in this world”.
Ion Craciunescu: Sir, I agree to do sports anywhere if possible because despite this, you do not do sports anywhere.”.
Governor Moraru: ”Well, why don’t you? What Hagi has been shouting for years is ‘make a legislature so that the privates can come to my aid’”.
Ion Crăciunescu: “Good? Didn’t he also persevere? That’s the truth, Mr. Moraru”.
Governor Moraru: ”Let’s change, let’s not wait to get a budget from the Department of Defense and make a football team.”.

VIDEO with dialogue between Governor Moraru and Ion Crăciunescu:

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