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Private Video | Analysis of Ion Crăciunescu after FCSB


  • League 1: FCSB – CS Mioveni, Saturday, 20:30, Digi Sport 1

  • Division 2: Steaua – Astra, Saturday, 15:00, Digi Sport 1

the center of the game, Marcel Birsan, He eliminated Buziuc after showing two yellow cards in extra time in the first half, awarded FCSB a penalty after Scarlatache’s clean tackle on Keșeru, and hesitated to offside Dumiter’s goal line.

Ion Crăciunescu’s analysis after FCSB – CS Mioveni 3-0: “It’s never a penalty, it’s impossible!”

Ion Crăciunescu intervened in the Football Club program by telephone and commented on all the controversial stages.

Ion Crăciunescu is of the opinion that the referee acted correctly and did not award a penalty for Popescu’s interference with Olaru because the foul was committed when FCSB player Mioveni’s goalkeeper entered the opponent after playing the ball.

Foul on the yellow card. After giving the player a yellow card, he goes and discards. The foul is committed by the opponent, who enters the defender in yellow. There is a foul on offense. No matter who hits the ball, the player enters the opponent without the ball“, thinks Ion Crăciunescu.

Regarding Buziuc’s elimination, Ion Crăciunescu said that the Mioveni player’s first foul was not a yellow card because the player played the ball and did not make a reckless entrance.

But the second yellow card, which the former great referee said, was fully deserved: “Buziuc’s entrance is not yellow in my opinion. He plays with the ball, touches it, stumbles on the opponent. This attack is not reckless in my opinion. The second is the undisputed yellow card. You can’t get around the yellow one”.

However, the most controversial stage was the penalty taken by Claudiu Keseru. Ion Crăciunescu said that Bîrsan should not shoot from eleven meters for various reasons. Firstly, Scarlatache playing the ball and not lifting his leg to block Keșeru and secondly, that the player from CS Mioveni has his back to the FCSB football player.

This is never a penalty, you know the idiom unless the referee asks for it. Such a thing could be a penalty, but after the player plays the ball, he jumps his leg and blocks the opponent. Then it’s a penalty, but I don’t see that here. If you’re with your feet at the ball and then lift and block your opponent, fine then it’s a penalty.

This is another element that will not cause the referee to award a penalty. He plays the ball with his back to the opponent. Jump up. You can smoothly sit back, lift your leg and go to your knee or thigh and block it. He did nothing to stop the opponent. You can never punish. This is impossible“, added Crăciunescu.

During Dumiter’s goal stage, Ion Crăciunescu noted that it is possible for Claudiu Keseru to be in an offside position, but it is very difficult for a referee to notice without the video arbitration system: “It seems to me that Keşeru is holding his body closer to the opponent’s goal line. These are very difficult stages. VAR has stages”.

VIDEO FCSB – CS Mioveni 3-0 match highlights

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