Thursday , July 29 2021

Paula Seling met with Pope Francis: "I was speechless …"

Paula Seling had the opportunity to meet her with flesh and bones k Pope Francis! Respectful singer, shared his love with fans. (Video chat studio offers guaranteed salary in Bucharest!)

This week, singer Paula Seling had a meeting that blessed her for her life. The artist had the opportunity to come face to face with Pope Francis. Yildiz confessed that she was drowned in emotions by her admirers and could not misunderstand but had given an album of the Soviet Pontifical. (READ: PAULA SELECTION AND WOMEN'S KNOWLEDGE FOR THE KNOWLEDGE OF WOMEN. ARTISTS AND MIREAS GREENED IN POPULAR COSTUMES.)

How can I not share this great joy with you? But how can I tell when I can't talk? I met Pope Francis in the Vatican on Wednesday. I gave the album your price by Pricene to my heart and I can't do much … I hope I don't sing, my joy speaks to him. The market is blessed to all. Peace and joy. "Wrote to Paula Seling on her Facebook account.

Paula Seling will be 40 by the end of this year

Paula Seling was born on December 25, 1978 in Baia Mare. In 1997, the star graduated from the high school of "Gheorghe Shincai" from his hometown, and later at Top School of Bucharest in Bucharest. He also studied singing and piano. The talented artist married Radu Bucura in 2009. (THE BRIDE AND :: THE MULTIPLE KILOGRAMS HAS BEEN SELECTED! THE SPECTOR METHOD OF ARTIST)

"Radu and I now understand that the very good people and the spirit of man evolve throughout life, the more that love has evolved, the more important it is to acknowledge that there is a balance between reason, soul and body. There are people who say that marriage is in danger. it depends on how the perspective and reconciliation accomplishes the intersection of commitment. (Hires the best videochat studio in Bucharest)

Over the years, I have refrained from talking about our relationship with the reasons for loving and expressing the fragility of a flower, how beautiful it is, no matter how beautiful it is, the reasons for not allowing it to fall into the wind and dust, and even for the same reasons that you do not mislead a sense of satisfaction. revealsPaula Seling confessed in an interview with journalists.

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