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Orange launches the latest mobile competition for PrePay – ClubIT & C customers


by clubitc

<img class = "alignleft wp-image-57977" src = "" alt = "Orange" width = "555 "height =" 357 "srcset =" 580w, http: //www.clubitc. ro / wp-content / uploads / 2018/11 / Orange-1-300×193.jpg 300w,×350.jpg 544w, http: // www.×55.jpg 86w, Orange starts the winter break and announced the PrePay Show, a competition that invites customers to have fun with Millidge, win Doig and the most desired rewards, and until January 28, 2019, PrePay customers can earn up to 100 GB of internet bonus per month, totaling 40,000 You can earn cash prizes with € 100 or Huawei's 100 phone.

PrePay Show is an online competition that can be accessed from campaign page or Orange app. It challenges participants to go through three rounds: general culture, skills and memory. For each completed game, customers are rewarded with a 25GB internet bonus and can accumulate up to 100GB per month. The game runs every Sunday from 19:00 until 21:00 until 27 January 2019, and can be accessed from My Orange using the account's user and password and the advantages can be seen in the Cronos subsection. Internet bonuses can only be used with an active minimum credit of 5 Euro and are valid for 100 days.

In addition, Orange PrePay customers will see "The fastest mobile network in Romania," according to Ookla's Speedtest, as well as the 100 Huawei Mate20 Pro phones, which will be won weekly by top-scoring players. they can enjoy. 6. For the best 20 points in the Christmas and New Year weeks, 20 handsets will be provided. Phones can only be given to customers with a Prepay Number declared as the primary account of My Orange.

Together with high-quality internet bonuses and mobile phones, PrePay customers have a chance to win one of 10 prizes of 4,000 euros each. They are issued in a sweepstake on 31 January 2019 and automatically draws each Paypal user who wins at least one game regardless of the score. Each winning game is an extra chance in the cash prize, hence 12 winners and a winning winner will win 12.

PrePay Show games and Orange subscribers may try, but only PrePay customers can earn their prize money.

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