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News Alert | Done! Damjan Djokovic signed with Rizespor. The duration of the contract and the money given by the Turks

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Then others passed and today the player signed a two and a half year contract with the Turks. The player will be good for the next match of the team against Fenerbahçe, which will be held in Istanbul on January 30.

Djokovic receives 500,000 euros a year for the transfer, CFR Cluj 400,000 euros

It was also important that Şumudică insisted on him for almost a year since he was in Gaziantep in the selection of Djokovic against the Kayserispor team, coached by Dan Petrescu.

Iordănescu is not satisfied the footballer’s departure, but hoping to replace him with another player, possibly Paul Anton.

Damjan signed a two and a half year deal and will receive a salary of 500,000 euros a year. They get 400 thousand euros from Cluj, which is a better offer than Kayserispor, which gives the same amount in two installments.

Damjan Djokovic explains why he chose Rizespor against Kayserispor

Croatian midfielder on his way to Turkey, the proposal Rizespor’un announced that it was chosen for the best financial terms for all parties.

The best offer for CFR Cluj came from Rizespor. The most important thing is that if I sign it, everyone will agree. It was important that Marius Șumudică was there, when you go to a new championship it is important for the coach to get to know you.

Dan Petrescu knows how to play football, he doesn’t need to be upset, I’ve worked very well with Mr. Petrescu in recent years, but now a new adventure begins for me.

a stronger championship in Turkey, a new challenge for me with better players. An unpredictable championship, anything is possible. We can do beautiful things with a coach has motivated a demonstration in Turkey“Damjan Djokovic declared on Friday while leaving Romania.

Edi Iordănescu saddened that Djokovic left

Edi Iordănescu was not satisfied with this Djokovic’s lossBut he couldn’t resist, money was important to the club, especially as in Damjan’s case it might be the last train to transfer abroad.

“Djokovic is an important loss for us. He has been in many games in recent years. The program is completely unfavorable for us compared to our opponents. But we are trying to be positive and understand that this is a difficult time for the team.”Edi Iordănescu said.

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