Friday , September 24 2021

Letter to the unvaccinated: “My unvaccinated husband died. I thought we were young and healthy. The heart that loved me in 10 years was the last to give up”

Public health policy expert Răzvan Cherecheş has published a letter from a young woman who lost her young and healthy husband after being infected with the new Delta strain.

“Letter to the unvaccinated,

After 23 days in the hospital and 22 days in a ventilator coma, my unvaccinated husband died of COVID-19.

I thought we were invincible!

We thought we were young and healthy, that if we were infected we would get sick for a short time and then move on with our lives.

I waited and waited…

We spent 2020 carefully – we weren’t always perfect but we managed to stay negative all year, never exposed to an infected person.

We believed in our immune system and stubbornly ignored the warnings (no one has the right to tell us what to do with our bodies).

“We will make the vaccine when it is necessary” “If the virus hasn’t been caught before, we will never be infected” “here” there were only 11 new cases in our county “https://news” looks like things are back to normal “” maybe we’ll get the vaccine soon, but it looks like it won’t be necessary.”

I’ve been in the hospital every day since July 4: before my eyes, my young, healthy, strong, tall, brave and intelligent husband was destroyed by COVID-19 – crushed his lungs, destroyed his kidneys and blood clots.

His heart gave way to the last – the heart that loved me for 10 years.

I saw my love fight the virus that destroyed his body.

There was nothing I could do – I sat there as the doctors used phrases like “multiple organ failure”, “possibly poor quality of life after that”, “if he survives it will take weeks or even months to recover”. “.

For months I was ready to see my Love in bed, back injuries from lying in bed, tubes to help her breathe, infusions to give her medicine and feed, months when I heard doctors and nurses say horrible things about her health, months when my heart was breaking every day.

“Will my love return to me? Who will be the man to return to me?”

I am suddenly walking around our house completely alone – everywhere there are witnesses of our travels, of our appreciation for art, adventure, life.

It’s amazing how we were able to pass in a second while swimming with sharks in critical condition in the hospital bed.

Every time I close my eyes I see him in a coma in his hospital bed, surrounded by cars that keep him alive.

There is no way to prepare for this terrible truth, no way to understand the pain and loss of our life.

But it’s a way to prevent it and a way to save others from suffering.

Don’t slack off and get vaccinated! I understand and lived through your fears, but now I am living the worst nightmare of my life.

And if that doesn’t convince you, you should know that one of the last things my husband said before he fell into a coma was that he regretted not getting the vaccine.

Save a life, save a husband, save a son, save a friend! ”

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