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Klaus Iohannis, direct message: "Go to policy"


Klaus Iohannis

Klaus Iohannis

Klaus Iohannis sent a clear message in the third edition of the Youth Summit.

Klaus Iohannis According to the press release issued by the Presidency Administration, the third edition of the Youth Summit sent a message.

The Romanian President said the following among others: "Today, I know that I am very disappointed with the way our politics is going on in our country. The solution does not leave or leave the country. Solution, and as we do on other days, I invite you to participate in politics. You can actively participate in the decision-making process. Don't let the government be consulted Don't let the government promise you simple transitions in an archive danış

We read the message of Klaus Iohannis:

Çıkar In addition to all the activities you do to protect and develop the interests of young people, I would like to congratulate the Governance of the Youth Capital of Romania Program as well as the partners with you, for the efforts to develop and implement programs and policies directed at them. I see that you have managed to organize special events for young people.

When I first received an invitation to participate in your projects, I didn't think too much, because without such a serious and comprehensive participation, such initiatives would not be successful. That is why last year, I gave the High School Patronage to the Romanian Youth Capital Program. A few months ago, we met together with your colleagues and colleagues in Bacau, where we discussed ın the vision of young people for the future of Romania Birkaç. We have all decided that the new generation needs real incentives and support to become more involved in civic life. I also understood the need to consult when making decisions.

I think that the theme of Today's Summit – the Creation of Europe for Your Generation – is very appropriate for the context in which we are. Romania will take over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in less than two months, and European society expects not only a serious task but also very good results. I trust your participation at this stage. I'm sure you're part of the generation that has the competence and creativity to restore optimism in the future of the European project, and I'm sure we'll find solutions to overcome the challenges that both Romanian society and the Union face. It is an exam that I hope to pass successfully, so I expect you to make an innovative and stable contribution.

I said this and I will repeat it at every opportunity: Romania needs young people in politics, public administration, entrepreneurship and civil society. The participation of young people in the orum Educated Romania güven program is vital to conclude and deliver this project as soon as possible, and from the very beginning, I continue to trust your support. this job.

Young people have the right to create their own policies. This is not a slogan. You do not have to allow the programs and projects set for you to be the credentials of the decision-makers deteriorated by your needs, ideas and desires. You are the one who will decide what your future will look like because Romania belongs to you tomorrow, but also our country. No society can progress without considering the needs and expectations of the younger generation, so it is very important for your voice to be heard and heard.

I know that many of them are disappointed in how politics is done in our country today. The solution does not leave or leave the country. The solution is this: and I, like I did at other times, invite you to participate in politics, to participate actively in the decision-making process. Do not allow the future to be decided in your absence or without consulting you. Do not allow the governors' promises to remain simple transitions in an archive. And if there are promises that remind everyone's promising prospects of the popular government program, there has been a real handbook of manipulation.

So I say to you: take responsibility for your role and believe in your power to change things! You have shown that you can bring public officials to the table, manage to break this closed-loop policy, and make you aware of your needs. Maybe everybody didn't answer right away and you had difficulties in convincing them, but if you insist, politicians can't do it without your idea. I want you to have the courage and continue!

Finally, once again, I would like to congratulate you on the way you have joined, how you have mobilized young people from different cities of Romania and continue! I assure you that you will always find a support and dialogue partner. "

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