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January 28, 2021 is the full moon. Pay close attention to what is forbidden to do

January 28 is the first full moon of 2021 under the auspices of Aquarius when the Sun is in Leo. How does it affect us and what is prohibited?

January 28, 2021 – Full Moon

Leo’s energy is one of action and responsibility to get where we dream. It encourages us to build, act, become leaders of our own life and take steps towards the right trajectories so that we can finally fulfill our desires.

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Forget the habit of taking care of your neighbor’s goat and start doing something for yourself. You are faced with complex and complex situations in some places, and the energy of the Full Moon will motivate you immensely to do something about it.


Remember that the most precious gift for your loved ones is your time. Give it to him and don’t be so harsh with your loved ones. You need to be more tolerant, open and forget what is typical.


Any road is full of minor traffic jams, so don’t embark on your new adventure without taking that into account.


Stop complaining so much. What if things turn out as planned? It would be good to really start doing things and change what you are, because it won’t do you much benefit.


The energy of the Moon comes from you, which means that on January 28th you can do anything you can think of except being lazy. Don’t even try to make your day like this.


Give up hypochondria and stop putting evil in front of you. There are so many good things around you that you can enjoy, but you’re only stubborn in seeing the negative aspects.


Do not start conflicts that you cannot control, and do not dive into situations where you knew from the beginning that you could not control or even lead. Keep these two rules in mind every time you set yourself on fire.


Change tactics. Persuasion, the old way of managing different situations in your life, is no longer relevant. Manipulation doesn’t work no matter how much you put into it.


It’s the perfect time to enjoy everything you have. Put your troubles aside and don’t worry about minor issues.


Don’t raise your voice to the oldest members of your family, even if they are at fault or appear to have a metallicity inconsistent with the time we live in.


You are at the forefront during this period and the full moon brings wonderful moments to your life. It is up to you to enjoy them.

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Give up stubbornness, because there may be secondary victims, or even people who leave your life and return. Analyze everything happening calmly to get out of the impasse. Communicate further, you have no reason not to.

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