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JAFUL SECOLULUI. Picasso's picture "burned in the stove" was found in a village in Tulcea at the root of a tree.


Stolen pictures from the Netherlands<! – Stolen pictures from the Netherlands ->

Picasso's work was found on the root of a tree in a village in Tulcea. Saturday night at DIICOT, the Tete D is about Arlequin.

Saturday, Two Dutch people showed themselves at Amabasada in Bucharest with a picture.

They stated that they had found this situation on the territory of Romania and that this fact had been reported to the Dutch authorities.

DIICOT, Tulcea district on Saturday evening about 800 thousand euros worth of Picasso signed a picture is examined. The painting, which is part of a piece of seven works stolen from a Dutch museum in 2012, is under the supervision of the Romanian authorities and to be trained.


The interior affairs office of the Dutch Embassy, ​​Romanian authorities and currently the D.I.C.O.T. and the Police Investigation Department police officers – I.G.P.R. conducts research to clarify all aspects (selecting people, investigating where two people find pictures, forensic medicine expertise).

On the night of 15-16 October 2012, six Romanian defendants alleged that they had been blamed for Pablo Picasso, the seven paintings signed by others by Henri Matisse and Claude Monet in the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam. " According to a DIICOT statement.

Status Timeline:

On the night of October 15-16, 2012, two Romanians staged robbery in the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, a crime of a third citizen. They stole seven oil paintings and watercolors exceeding $ 230 million. Today, Picasso is only one of the seven works recovered.


These are Pablo Picasso's "Tete d 'Arlequin", "La Liseuse en Blanc et Jaune" by Henri Matisse, Claude Monet's "Waterloo Bridge" and "Charing Cross Bridge", "Femme devant une fenêtre ouverte, dite fiancee "" Paul Gauguin, "Autoportrait", Meyer de Haan and Lucian Freud 's "Eyes Closed." .

DIICOT prosecutors, the 3rd Criminal Court of First Instance, one of the men accused of robbery, at the trial, the house burned stolen tables in Carcaliu.

DIICOT prosecutors, "After my son's arrest in January 2013, I was very scared, I realized that the crime they committed was serious, because the goods they played had a very high value." Said. She said the paintings buried the suitcase where there was a deserted house. Prosecutors, because one of the two paintings does not fit the suitcase, they threw them in the toilet in the courtyard of the abandoned house, then put the pictures in a suitcase and buried them.


Then, in order to protect his son, he decided to burn down the paintings, not to harm him and his shop, and because he was scared, if the images were never found, there would be no evidence. Prosecutors wrote at the court order and will not be tried against them.

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