Friday , February 28 2020


iPhone 12 apple decision

iPhone 12 We're talking about something that everyone has long wanted to benefit from a drastic change implemented by Apple for all customers. Specifically, the iPhone 12 Apple company will implement a new display type, which is available on iPad tablets, ProMotion, with a 120 Hz refresh rate, which is greatly appreciated by users and comes in upgrade phones. 2020 & # 39; den.

iPhone 12 had rumored a few months ago that Apple wanted to implement a screen with a variable refresh rate of 60 Hz / 120 Hz, so it's clear that Americans are testing it. The idea of ​​implementing a 120Hz refresh rate screen may also be related to the implementation of Apple Pencil support on iPhone 12, but it all depends on how Apple can offer this technology.

iPhone 12: Decision without the premise produced by Apple

If Apple doesn't find a very good solution to increase the refresh rate, the iPhone 12 may have problems with battery autonomy, and everything on the iPad Pro is dynamically adjusted to avoid autonomy, depending on the content. Apple is talking with LG and Samsung to purchase screens that provide such a refresh rate for the iPhone 12 series, but the process is much more complicated than it seems at first glance.

"5G arrival is based on hardware upgrades to support applications and related services. More 5G smartphones are expected to come with screens that offer high discount rates that can improve the user experience. whether it will drive or use screens with a refresh rate of 120Hz m ”

With a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the iPhone 12 will only reach the end of the competition, which is why Huawei already uses these screens and Samsung starts the next spring series. Apple & # 39; s need to make a major upgrade for the iPhone 12 series, so at least this year, according to the series released will increase sales.

The iPhone 12 will be announced by Apple next fall and will be released two weeks after the presentation and will have 5G support included by Cupertino.

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