Friday , September 24 2021

“Impossible” food becomes possible: vegetarian food…

Impossible Foods, or officially called Impossible Foods, will hit the market with vegetable chicken chunks this fall. The startup plans to sell to restaurants first.

As with its predecessors, the startup plans to sell the food to restaurants first, and supermarket availability will follow shortly thereafter. But before all that, next week the Impossible Meal will hold an exhibition about it.

One thing that will set the new chicken pieces apart from previous Impossible products is the absence of heme, a molecule the company says is what makes it “taste like meat.” But the problem with Impossible heme is that the company breeds it with genetically modified yeast.

This prevented Impossible Foods from selling its burgers and hot dogs in China and Europe. But as for real chickens, there is not much hema in the white meat of the animal.

“I found this in the form of a nugget that’s baked and has a bit of spice,” Laura Kilman, flavor scientist at Impossible, told Bloomberg.

Soy protein used for ‘eat impossible’

The formula that the company eventually focused on uses mostly soy protein and sunflower oil. Compared to Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods is slow to offer a chicken alternative. “We were busy with other things,” Dennis Woodside, the company’s president, told Bloomberg. Currently, Impossible has introduced a pork substitute at CES 2020.

However, it may not matter too much. Earlier this week, Popeyes announced it’s adding chicken chunks to its menu, hoping to replicate the success of its chicken sandwich. Second, it started a “war” between fast food chains as the demand for chicken increased in the United States and around the world. This could help Impossible when its vegetable-based chicken starts reaching consumers.

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