Tuesday , May 17 2022

Ilie Năstase beat the name of her current girlfriend. "I feel like it's my last love"


72-year-old Ilie Năstase has a love story with Ioana Simion, 42, who had found peace after leaving Brigitte.

So big in love with the great tennis captain Ioana, he decided to make a gesture of how long he continued.

Ilie Năstase beat the name of her current partner.

"I did the tattooing. It's beautiful. I went to a salon in Monaco with a friend. And she promised me to do one. I feel like I'm my last love, because there's no time for another 2-3. That's the last."

That's what I told him when he first came to Bucharest. It gives me peace because I don't have it in the past. If you love someone, age doesn't matter.Ilie Nastase, from Pro Sport, told Antena 1.

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