Wednesday , January 27 2021


huawei smart glasses

Huawei. The Chinese company president announced a TV interview yesterday that introduced a product that Apple had been working on for some time, but it would be released in Cupertino. Huawei is developing a pair of smart glasses that the market wants to release in between 1 and 2 years. This was announced to sell this product earlier than the earliest release of Apple in 2020.

Huawei. Of course, the head of the Chinese company said that the product, prepared by its engineers, is the best product ever, and will lead the experience of using smart windows to var another level Elbette. We are talking about augmented reality smart eyes that Huawei is currently working on, and since President Richard Yu mentions them, it is clear that the development process is very advanced.

Huawei. Product Before Apple

Huawei. These smart glasses will not be elaborated by President Richard Yu, which the Chinese company will offer to their customers, says that augmented reality will become more exciting in about two years. The problem is that augmented reality has been introduced by various companies for a while and has never been successful, so it is difficult to say how popular it has become in 2 years. customers.

With this AR you can have AR goggles over the phone, maybe you can watch a wider area. At the beginning you can feel that the AR … & # 39; But in the future you will see even more i I think the next two years the industry will even commercialize Huawei. We'll bring you a better user experience product.

Huawei. Apple is also trying to wear a pair of smart glasses and hasn't had a great success to make reality really popular, and I don't think it will do it anyway. Although smart goggles are interesting in theory, Huawei and Apple do not think they will be able to do such a development that will attract the attention of consumers from all over the world.

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