Friday , January 22 2021

How handy is a camera in the Apple Watch smartphone?

How handy is a camera in the Apple Watch smartphone?

Apple is looking for ways to incorporate a camera into the Apple Watch range. In particular, he focuses on smartphones that focus on systems that avoid incorporating a camera into a device that is not part of its own.

Considering how small and powerful camera technology is today, it seems tempting to try to put your cameras on anything. However, there are some devices that do not have too much logic, such as a smart watch.

But the company seems to be interested in it. In a newly discovered patent by AppleInsider, we see that the company can bring the idea of ​​integrating a goal into the Apple Watch smartphone.

Well, the goal of such a goal is not to catch selfies, but for other things. Apple Watch lets you make video calls using SmartWatch, such as facial recognition.

For example, by integrating the camera, wide-angle lens, and various sensors, users can make Facewatch calls to the Apple Watch, even if the smart watch is at a strange angle.

The camera and software can be used to assemble data images to create a more visible avatar. We will also not be surprised that camera technology may somehow contain the Face ID feature in the Apple Watch.

Therefore, the removal of the smartphone at a girl level can quickly log in when you make a payment through the Apple Pay service.

In any case, this is an interesting patent, although the Apple Watch smart watch is included in the customization options of the strap limits. However, given that this is only a patent, it is not certain that the company will put it into practice. Perhaps the company is only exploring the idea instead of improving it.

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