Sunday , November 29 2020

FRAF Gafa of Montenegro contributes to lowering Romania's fourth rating ballot box

Romanian Football Federation officials made a gaffe in Montenegro, which contributed to the national team's fourth prize for the EURO 2020 qualifying draw.

The third had to win at least 2-0 in Montenegro, but the players were not sent by the FRF.

"We didn't know about the field, we tried to score as many goals as we could, but we were very happy to win."

In the ranking of our team, we needed a 2-0 win to defeat Israel and Hungary, and we would reach the third ballot box.

Our team will get the fourth prize because this doesn't happen.

Under these circumstances, we may have a lot to draw in a group of France, Germany, Serbia, Macedonia and Latvia.

If we are lucky enough to get away, we can meet with Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Gibraltar and San Marino.

The draw for EURO 2020 will be held on 2 December.

EURO 2020 qualifying matches will be played between March and November 2019.

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