Tuesday , December 1 2020


Fortnite winter royale

Fortnit to. A great reward is given by Epic Games to players who choose to participate in Winter Royale, the newest event to protect the busy world when the world is still cold. We're talking about the $ 1 million awards that Epic Games has given to players who dare to join the Winter Royale, and the money will certainly attract a large number of participants to take part in the battles. .

Fortnit to. According to Epic Games, Winter Royale will start next week this week and will be open to all players who want to participate in the event. If in the past Epic Games has restricted access to Fortnite tournaments only for professional players or specially invited, everyone will now be able to participate in winning big prizes to be presented to the best of the best.

Fortnit to. URIAS Award in Winter Royale

Fortnit to. Epic Games announced that the tournament will be divided into two stages. Players will be another stage of the "finals" where they will battle to win the contest and win each other to earn money. The best players in qualifying rounds will be invited by Epic Games to participate in the Winter Royale final matches in Fortnite, and so far only Europeans and North American players will be able to participate in the tournament.

For the NA and the EU, the best performers in each region will be verified and will be eligible for the Winter Royale Finals for their region. Although this tournament is limited to the NA and the EU, we are planning to organize special tournaments in other regions.

Fortnit to. The qualifying round will be held from November 24th to November 25th and the finals will be held on November 30th in Europe and December 11th in North America so that everyone can watch carefully what is going on. Epic Games is making a test for the Fortnite World Cup, which will be announced next year at the E3 conferences, and will be prepared for much higher prizes than will be announced today.

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