Tuesday , October 19 2021

Extended Cooperation Call for Diabetes


The initiative shows that the data in Romania are 11.6% of the population with diabetes, with a prevalence of 17.7% in the 60-79 age group. However, diabetes awareness and awareness remain low for diabetic patients and patients.

In fact, diabetes is perceived by the Romans as less serious disease than stroke, obesity, heart disease, arthritis, or hepatitis. At the same time, 3 out of 4 Romanians agree that Romania is behind other EU countries in access to new EU antidiabetic drugs.

Diabetes patients are believed to have cardiovascular complications (these are estimated to be 50%, and may range from 75% to 80%), which involve very high costs. Considering a 16% increase in the prevalence of diabetes across Europe, financial costs will increasingly be a burden on the health budget.

Head of the Romanian Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolism Diseases Association Dr. Romulus Timar, diabetes due to the increased incidence and complications of diabetes, not only the person who has diabetes or doctor, noting that every family is looking at. Diabetes doctors, other diabetes management experts, companies and authorities: "Data from the International Diabetes Federation shows that one of the two people who are currently experiencing type 2 diabetes has not been diagnosed and one of the 4 family members is less than 1. Therefore, I believe that we need a 360 ° approach that works effectively on diabetes in terms of education, prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment to prevent the risk of disease and quality.

Cecilia Radu, Coordinator of the Diabetes Study Group of the International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association of Romania, explains the framework of this partnership as follows: "We are all responsible for contributing to the improvement of health and quality against diabetic patients, their lives. We need the support of the entire medical community – cardiologists, family physicians, nutritionists, pediatricians, endocrinologists, resident physicians and medical students, and patient associations to effectively contribute to the increase of diabetes education and disease complications. authorities.

Our experts claim that, even if our country is among the most common countries in Europe, many patients avoid expert advice because of the stigma of the disease. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that about 200 million people worldwide, or about half of adults with diabetes, are unaware of the disease they have.

Most of these cases are Type 2 diabetes, and experts advise diabetics to follow a series of analyzes at regular intervals as well as monitoring blood glucose to prevent complications of the disease. Glycosylated hemoglobin and urine test are two additional mandatory tests together with ophthalmic and dental control for diabetes patients. In addition, patients with diabetes should follow the doctor's recommended treatment and adherence to the diet.

Globally, one of the two people with diabetes has not been diagnosed, and in Romania, this disease is one of the most common chronic diseases that often result in serious consequences for the body.

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