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“Everybody knows!” First statements from Constantin Budescu after returning to FCSB! What about derby with Dynamo?

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Constantin Budescu made the first statements after returning to FCSB.

First remarks after Constantin Budescu returns to FCSB

Constantin Budescu said he feels very good about returning to FCSB. The new player in the red-blues said that Gigi Becali made several attempts to return to the sponsored team, but it did not materialize.

This is true. I said I started playing football after 30 years. I tried to make some changes in my life as a football player and I hope to see him on the field. I feel so good. There were a few more attempts. Good thing I’m here now. Everything is fine and I hope everything goes well.

It was very important. I received many messages and was pleasantly surprised. What happens here is also important because I know most of them and I decided to come.“, Said Budescu.

Actor Constantin Budescu bitten by a spider during trainingHe thinks the changes to FCSB will push the team back to the top. He says he is confident of good results regarding his relationship with FCSB’s new player, Edi Iordănescu.

Budescu returned to FCSB just before the derby with Dynamo, which the footballer said was the most watched match in Romania, although the “dogs” were not going through their best period.

The team is on a good track. There have been some changes to see. I hope I get positive results, there is a big difference in points and it is not good for us. It’s a very important game, everybody knows that. Romanian derby. I hope to make a nice figure, play well and win games because we can no longer afford missteps.

Mystery greeted me well. We have not worked together before. We just talked on the phone. He’s a very good coach. He’s had good results everywhere and I think he’ll do it here too.“, Budescu also declared.

Budescu also sent a message to FCSB fans who were waiting for him at the stadium to support his favorite team: “I have received messages to return to FCSB in all comments. I can tell them to come to the stadium. Only together can we get results”.

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