Saturday , October 23 2021

Euro rose to 4.6650 lei


The evolution of yesterday's leu fell against the euro and the Swiss franc. The dollar lost ground, so there could be different movements of the tips in the foreign exchange market.

After four consecutive meetings at an average of 4.66 pounds, the euro rose to 4.6635 from 4.6590; this is an improvement unlike that recorded by other currencies in the region. Transactions were made in a larger corridor, from 4.658 to 4.667 lei, and at 14:00, the prices rose to 6665.

The average of the dollar continued to decline, while this period rose from 4,1340 to 4,1283 liras, while market prices fluctuated between 4,105 and 4,135 liras.

The Swiss currency was traded between 1.135 and 1.141 francs / euro in the international markets and the ratio rose from 4.0924 to 4.1007.

Yesterday, the three-month ROBOR index for calculating interest rates on lei loans rose to 3.21 percent from 3.19, and a six-month indicator for mortgage loan interest rates was set for the three-month period. 44%

The ROBOR nine-month index, which is calculated based on the interest rate of the commercial banks' loans from other banks, rose by 3.52% and the 12-month increase from 3.58% to 3.59%.

The coins in the region appreciated the developments against the euro. The Polish one is 4,285 – 4,292 zlotys and the Hungarian one is 321.9 – 322.9.

After dropping to $ 1,1217 on Tuesday, the euro / dollar, which was the lowest in the last 17 months, continued to rise and reached $ 1,1283 – $ 1,1351.

Bitcoin on Wednesday evening reached at least $ 5,533.09 this year. This led to a wave of sales in the cryptomonas market, and capitalization fell below $ 200 billion for the first time since mid-September.

Bloomberg's composite bitcoin index is around $ 5,550 mid-day.

Data and information is valid until 14:00.

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