Tuesday , July 27 2021

Discounts up to 85% on your favorite devices

Black Friday is the day that opens the shopping season for Christmas with tough deals. The most busy shopping day in the world and of course most expected. And anyone who wants a new phone, TV or other gadget in Romania should benefit from Black Friday offers.

Most Black Friday purchases were brought online, e-commerce attracted an avant-garde in recent years. At the beginning of last year's best-selling categories were Electro-IT & C products. Thus, the Romans bought discounts, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones, but also electronics and household appliances.

From Black Friday to mobile phones

Smartphone devices ranked first on Black Friday calls. The biggest discounts of the year are a good time to change your phone at a very good price.

So, looking for phone discounts to replace your old smartphone with a better phone? November 16 big day! ITGalaxy.ro, IT products, smart phones, home appliances and personal care products store bring Black Friday phones to promotion prices. You can buy smart phones with a discount of up to 85%!

You can buy the latest Samsung, Apple, Huawei or Xiaomi phones, as well as the phones of 2017 or something older, much cheaper than the rest of the year. If you're looking for a smartphone with a better processor or better performance camera or a larger internal memory, the November 16th is the day you need to order the new gadget. Use the filters available on the site to make the best selection. Choose your favorite product based on brand, budget and features.

Black Friday on televisions and laptops

And today, there are almost no rooms without TV, and Black Friday TVs can be found at a discount. Prices at the ITGalaxy.ro online store are also significantly reduced in such electronic devices.

For example, you can choose a smaller 51 cm diagonal smart TV, which is very suitable for a kitchen, or you can choose ultra HD 4K TVs. And in these cases, discounts are consistent and go up to 70-80%.

Black Friday, IT components

Black Friday is a good time to upgrade your IT area. A stronger processor for PCs, monitors, PC resources and operating systems will be available at promotional prices during this period. Headphones, keyboards, and external drives are indispensable components when your business is largely connected to your computer.

Accessories from Black Friday

November 16 is a day when you won't be hurt to do some shopping to make it easy for you to use your gadget every day. An external battery will prove to be a very useful investment, so never leave the phone for the first time because the battery is discharged.

By ordering from ITGalaxy.ro, you have online support, check your receipt during payment, and you can also choose to pay in installments.

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