Thursday , August 5 2021

Dinamo lost the match! Rednic & # 39; s players lost to FCSB

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Dinamo lost the match! Rednic & # 39; s players lost to FCSB

Sergiu Hanca and Daniel Popa are disappointed with the match with FCSB. The duo believes his team must score in the Romanian Derby, because almost half of an extra man is benefiting.

"This was a big disappointment to us because we had a goal, an extra guy, and we made it equal. We talked about the pause, but it didn't show up. We had the power to defeat them, but at some stages we made wrong decisions, we had to go further.

We're 3 points for Astra, but we want more. This is not our place. No supporters. 1, pushing the team back and feel sorry. For safety reasons, we'll look like this after the national breakHicca for DigiSport said.

Daniel Popa found the reason why Dinamo couldn't get the most out of the ground and table. Dan Nistor's untimely excitement resulted in an injury injury and he and his teammates felt lack of leadership.

"We didn't win, we had extra men. We were unable to focus, and we hit one. It was embarrassing for not taking advantage, I was on for 40 minutes. It's embarrassing to have Dan Nistor wounded. I felt like he was gone. He's our captain and we're in place.He said Daniel Popa for DigiSport.

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