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Digi Mobil: Prepaid card up to 100 Mbps, VoLTE + VoWiFi: – Hi-Tech Lifestyle


Good news for prepaid card users from Digi Mobil. It provides access to 4G technology and theoretically accelerates up to a maximum speed of 100 Mbps, it also offers VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies for compatible smartphones.

Digi Mobile subscription offers are as attractive as no one is focused on prepaid cards. Usually, there are packages in the competition offer that offer prepaid cards against subscriptions, but RCS-RDS is somehow opposite.

Digi Mobile options on prepaid cards:

Hyperstep = VAT 2 euros, 1 month validity, Digi Mobile UNLIMITED, SMS, 150 national minutes, 2 GB on 4G network;

Diva = VAT 2 Euros, Digi Mobile network every 3 months, UNLIMITED UNIVERSITY, 200 national minutes including Digi, 2 GB in 4G network;

Bogatinov = VAT 3 euro, 1 month validity, SMS and UNLIMITED at Digi Mobil, 250 national minutes, 4 GB on 4G network;

Deluxe = 3 Euro VAT, 3 months validity, Digi Mobile network UNLIMITED, 350 national minutes including Digi, 3 GB in 4G network;

Dinerovich = 4 Euro without VAT, 1 month validity, UNLIMITED in calls and SMS in Digi network, 400 national minutes and 6 GB in 4G network;

Bashtaniv = 4 Euros VAT, 3 months validity, Digi Mobile UNLIMITED, Digi 450 national minutes, 4GB in 4G network.

Official description:

Digi Card customers to expand access to Digi 4G, part of Digi Group philosophy | RCS & RDS Provides the best quality service at the most competitive prices to customers. In addition to the advantage of accelerating data transfer, our offers also have the following advantages: unlimited minutes and mobile internet, three-month validity period, unique offer in the Romanian market and the possibility of cumulative for two options. respectively audio and two mobile internet options. More, in principle, at the same price, depending on the needs of a customer, with a validity period of 3 months, you can choose to pay the same price for the service with the validity of a month. They can be activated at any time during the term of the loan, " Commercial Digi Mobile Director Ovidiu Bejan said.

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