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Constructing a new Kaufland in Constanta. Studies started and hypermarket (photo gallery)

There is constant fire at the intersection of Aurel Vlaicu Boulevard and Ştefăniţa Voda street. A construction site was organized for the next Kaufland hypermarket where workers would be the largest in Constanta.

Thus, Aurel Vlaicu Street no. 222 building a Kaufland hypermarket, the beneficiary of the investment, SC Kaufland Romania, limited partnership. The general designer is SC Brisk Group Consulting & Development SRL and the founder is SC Concret Construct AG SRL.

For the realization of these works, the building permit no. 1125 dated September 12, 2018. The document dated 11.09.2018 dated 11.09.2018 for SC Maritimo Residence SRL consists of: D Residential complex – housing estate D + P + 11e (11th floor duplexes) parking and multifunction building P + 1e recreation), hypermarket type hypermarket P + 1e + Etp construction; building office building B + GF + 18e; access roads, pedestrian walkways, overpasses, green areas, urban furniture, outdoor playgrounds, fencing; site construction – stage I, hypermarket type building P + 1e + Etp; Access roads, pedestrian walkways, overpasses, green areas, city furniture, outdoor playgrounds, site organization.

Kaufland Romania SCS, Trade Registry data

Founded in 2003, the company is based in Bucharest. The total paid-in capital of the capital, which is a total of 1,563,684,476,51 TL, consists of 4,411,857 shares. The value of a share is 354.43 lei. Kaufland Romania by SC Kaufland Rumanien Warenhandel GMBH in SCS, Germany, 99.9% of the capital and 0.1% capital of SC Kaufland Romania SRL in Bucharest. is controlled by. The strengthened persons are: SC Kaufland Romania SRL, represented by Lords Gabriel Ludovic, Bingenheimer Nicolai, Ter Haar Claus Rudolf, Marco Volker Hövl and Marius Gabriel.

Kaufland Romania SCS is mainly engaged in retail sales in non-exclusive stores that sell food, beverages and tobacco. In the 2015 fiscal year, the company, with 13,263 employees, reported a turnover of 9,173,630,249 liras and a profit of 648,918,179 liras. In addition, the company has 14,070 employees in 2016 fiscal year,
9,691,424,899 lei and 751,923,130 lei profit. The financial situation in 2017 is as follows: 13,519 employees, 10.086.636.311 TL turnover and 796.767.482 TL profit.

Maritimo Residence SRL in the Trade Registry Data

Maritimo Residence SRL, based in Bucharest, was established in 2006. The total registered capital of the Company is 175.205.830 TL and it consists of 17.520.583 shares. The value of a share is 10 lei. The company is controlled by Strada Capital SA, Madrid, Spain, with Gran Via Romania SA of 0.000285% of its capital, which constitutes 99.999578% of its capital. Comsa Antonela-Virginiawith 0.000137% of capital. Employees Gran Via Romania SA, represented by Anthony Virginia Comsa Jose Aguinaga Cardena and Pablo Marin Lopez Otero. Maritimo Residence SRL deals with its own property purchase and sale.

The company, which has zero employees in 2015 fiscal year, announced a zero lei turnover and a loss of 1,572,270 pounds. Moreover, in 2016 fiscal year, the company had zero employees, zero lei turnover and loss of 213,511 liras. The 2017 financial situation is as follows: zero employees, zero lei turnover and loss of 251,800 lei.

Maritimo Residence SRL has requested the Environmental Protection Agency Constanta's environmental agreement for the project "Shopping center-type hypermarket P + 1 + 2-storey construction, access roads, pedestrian roads, green areas, city furniture, outdoor playgrounds and organization site" Maritimo Residence SRL has also presented the project to the Environment Agency "Basement D + P + 11 floors (11 floors – duplex) construction in the basement parking areas, main access areas, pedestrian walkways, green areas, urban furniture, playgrounds, speak construction site construction site. Two buildings, Aurel Vlaicu Boulevard no. 222.

Data from the project to APM Constanta

Teklif The area in which this project will be built is designed for the construction of commercial functions, public housing, recreation and services and buildings. The configuration of the land for neighboring buildings is ideal for Constanta, because the hypermarket offers a very attractive offer for city dwellers who want easy access to shopping centers. , a mixed residential area with a commercial area, a hypermarket type on the ground floor, parking lots and playgrounds for children, fencing, HCL no. 236 / 25.05.2005 and Urban Planning Certificate no. 3772 / 12.12.2017 ", the rationale for the necessity of the project. Location of the analyzed object, no. 11 under the name Epsilon Residence SRL. The Kalastral number is 247769, with an area of ​​39.709 square meters, and has the following neighborhoods: the intersection of the Shtefăniţă Vodă street and the Aurel Vlaicu Boulevard in the north – IE 220665 and IE 221107, west – IE 220080; to the east – IE 221106 and IE 221107. The investor proposes an area with an area of ​​13,620 m2 and an area of ​​76,050 m2. From a functional point of view, the project consists of five buildings: one building S + P + 18E, three buildings D + P +11 E, one building P + 1E + technical floor – hypermarket shopping center, streets and access roads – 6.366.79 m2, parking lots – 16.987 m2 and green areas – 9,671.65 m2. The project area is located in the city of Constanţa, which provides direct access to the Aurel Vlaicu Street and Ştefăniţă Voda Street.

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