Sunday , October 17 2021

Bomb scenario. The Regulation on the Sovereign Fund is against the constitution.


Victor Ponta After adopting the Extraordinary General Regulation on the establishment of the State Development and Investment Fund, the government silenced and issued a document that issued a fire.

Victor Ponta The Minister of Finance presented a document signed by Eugen Orlando Teodorovici and said:Liviu Dragnea has not signed anywhere – he is only a provocative / faces-on-faces person (from stupidity, greed or secularism) is guilty of undermining the national economy, betrayal, abuse of service and spending many years in the face of justice! "

While carefully reading the document, it is stated that the Ministry of Justice has affirmed the project positively, but has emerged through observations.

Thus, the ministry, headed by Tudorel Toader, noted that the draft normative act was unconstitutional.

At the same time, Victor Ponta said that the indictment against criminals of the Sovereign Investment Fund must begin today!

Below we are posting the post of Victor Ponta on Facebook!


The indictment against those found guilty of the establishment of the Sovereign Investment Fund (Romania's biggest robbery in the last 100 years) must begin today! And today I will present the first evidence – the official document submitted by the Government of the Ministry of Justice on November 15 shows that the By-Law will NOT be LEGAL!

I'm saying that Liviu Dragnea hasn't signed it anywhere tal it's just a revolt / mischief in those regularities (foolishness, greed or secularism) that undermines the national economy, betrays, misuse of service, and justice!

But now I want to explain to you clearly what happened; and presenting the first (legal) prosecution of crimes committed!

The people of Rome have been built for more than 50 years, since the time of communism, which is an absolutely necessary economic base for a nation.

An important part of this country's economy has been ası privatized Rom, ence restructured Kö or disappeared since 1989 – but still in Hydroelectricity, Transgaz, Romgaz, Otopeni Airport, Constanta Port, Romanian Post, Oltenia Power Company. there is still a lot. etc. These companies are worth more than 25 billion euros if they want to sell it, but it actually means an economic basis for the survival of the nation!

Since 2016, Liviu Dragnea has been dealt with by economic interest groups outside the country interested in taking over these companies without participating in money laundering or privatization activities: as for banner countries, for little money and large spaghetti!

Through the Sovereign Fund, established by the Romanian Government, the following objectives were achieved against the strategic interests of Romania:

1. All of the companies owned by the Romanian State have been removed from the Government and transferred to some special management structures appointed for a period of 9 years.
2. The special management of the Fund has been invoked for nine years by Dragnea (with the signature of Teodorovici) without any professional or integrity criteria – only those who believe "teldrumisti"
3. These special governance structures cannot be controlled by either the TCA or the Government or the Parliament. In practice, the Board does not take into account anyone in Romania and cannot be changed by anyone for 9 years.
4. In addition to the management of the companies, expenditures shall be made more directly than the State Budget of 9 billion RON (ie the amount that can be provided by 8 regional hospitals or the Comarnic – Brasov highway) for the regulation of expenditures.
5. The Sovereign Fund cannot ignore any investment in 2019-2020 because all Company profits have already been budgeted to close the budget deficit – ie, at least 2 years, funds, salaries, drivers, cars, headquarters, traveling abroad and other nonsense and thieves
6. The special management of the Fund has the right to sell the ından State holdings ”to the related companies through“ exemption from privatization laws 6.. In other words, they will sell shares of Hidroelectrica, Otopeni Airport, Transgaz directly and transparently to Dragnea from 2016! !!
7. After nine years (in 2028) we will see what is on the left and what we have saved from these companies.

Hoping to escape justice, they tried to vote on a law that would protect them in the Parliament – but the CCR declared the law unconstitutional and then decided to give the Government an Emergency Response (this is a law)!

However, yesterday, the Ministry of Justice declared in the official document that I added that the Statute was against the constitution, and the Minister of Finance sent the document to the Secretary-General (to wash hands) – and again the Regulation was adopted!

I make clear that ProRomania will use all legal channels to stop this unprecedented theft and hold criminals responsible!

But we are not alone – Romania and whoever believes in our future should join us! "

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