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Autonomous vehicles can distribute food at home

Ford and Walmart attract the attention of intruders who don't have to deal with the staff who don't want to go shopping or deliver the products. Companies have thus announced a partnership that Autonomous Cars will carry and deliver directly to Walmart's products without leaving home or interacting with another person.

The pilot program will be held in Miami and will not include autonomous cars in the first stage, writes Futurism.

According to Ford's executive director Brian Wolf, human drivers will use "research tools" to simulate autonomous vehicles that will deliver. On the way, they will gather information about customer preferences. Ford then plans to replace the normal vehicles with autonomous vehicles.

There is no news about the large-scale launch of such a service, but the Ford 2021 claims to have autonomous vehicles.

Since both are big companies, there is a chance that the trend will spread, leading to such partnerships and projects elsewhere in the world.

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