Friday , August 19 2022

Air traffic in Cluj overwhelmed by bad weather


Five weather races were changed on Saturday from Cluj Napoca to Sibiu Airport due to weather conditions, fog and low visibility.

According to representatives of the Sibiu Airport, due to the dense fog, five air races were diverted from Cluj to Sibiu.

The first diverted aircraft from Frankfurt landed at around 6 pm and passengers were moved by coach to Cluj.

Meteorologists issued new fog-yellow code alerts for several counties, including Cluj until Saturday night at 23:00.

Road traffic blocked on various roads in five districts due to fog

Highway traffic occurs on Saturday night with the difficulty of several roads in five counties due to fog, sometimes reducing visibility even below 150 meters, sometimes even below 50 meters. By the way, 5 districts under 23.00 until foggy yellow.

The traffic in Alba, Bistrita-Nasaud, Cluj, Mures and other areas is congested due to the dense fog that reduces visibility below 150 meters and sometimes below 50 meters, according to the Romanian Police Infantry Center. Suceava.

In addition, due to the dense fog, several air flights to take off from Avram Iancu International Airport in Cluj were directed to the Sibiu International Airport and Timisoara.

The districts of Alba, Sibiu, Mureş, Cluj and Bistrita-Nasaud are under fog up to 23.00. The fog reduces the visibility, falls below 200 meters locally and is isolated below 50 meters.

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