Thursday , May 19 2022

A petition for the establishment of the Department of Vascular Surgery at Târgu Jiu Emergency Hospital


A petition to establish a Vascular Surgery Department at Târgu Jiu Emergency Hospital was launched online at Petition was started by assis. Univ. Mircea Ionut Popitiu, vascular and endovascular surgeon: v We think it is helpful to establish a Vascular Surgery Department in Emergency Hospital Târgu Jiu, because vascular patients in this area deserve a right to life, a life without amputation!

Vascular surgery is the surgical specialty that deals with the treatment of vascular disorders that may be arterial, venous, or lymphatic. The only vessels not covered in this specialization are the brain and the heart. The primary medical condition is peripheral artery disease, a direct result of atherosclerosis. This is an increasing disease that affects about 20% of the adult population over 65 years of age. Depending on the development and severity of the disease, it may be invalid by causing amputation and even death. For these reasons, the main purpose of vascular surgery is to recover the lower extremities and reduce the number of large amputations, "dozens of gorgo-supported online petitions read.

Patients in Târgu Jiu moved more than 200 kilometers away

Vascular system disorders are various and the results are the most serious. Gorj patients are transported further than 200 km to be treated. "Another common condition is carotid disease, a consequence of atherosclerosis in the carotid artery. One of the main complications of untreated carotid disease is a serious event that significantly changes the quality of life or can cause death. In the absence of adequate treatment, this situation has a serious evolutionary potential, which often results in death Vascular surgery is also related to the treatment of peripheral venous and lymphatic diseases. results.

Vascular patient is a fragile, usually elderly, multiple-associated pathology that requires a pluridisipliner approach requiring cardiological, neurological, nephrological, diabetic and post-intensive intensive care. In addition, the complexity of tissue defects to be treated closely correlates vascular surgery with other surgical expertise: general surgery, plastic and repair surgery, orthopedics. Patients with vascular problems in Târgu Jiu and neighboring areas are sent at least 200 kilometers to be treated and spend a lot of time to cause amputation and even death.

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