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Wall Street dropped by technology stocks – 11/19/2018


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wall Street was overthrown by Nasdaq, who suffered from trade tensions and technical problems between the US and China.

According to recent session data, Nasdaq technology index decreased by 3.03 percent to 7.028.48 units. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 1.56% to 25,017.44, and the S & P 500 fell 1.66% to 2.690.73.

The fall shows that the US-China trade dispute is still alive at the weekend of the Asia-Pacific summit, and new data show a slowdown in US real estate construction plans.

Analysts said the deals were smaller, and this week would be shorter for a holiday in the United States, boosting market volatility.

Teknoloji This is mainly a shipwreck of technology stocks, gemi says Spartan Capital, Peter Cardillo.

Apple, a well-known member of Nasdaq, continued to decline 3.96% after an article in the Wall Street Journal, showing production cuts for the group's new iPhone.

Apple's shares fell more than 20 percent since the date on October 3.

Apple's concerns have affected semiconductor manufacturers. Nvidia lost 12% on Friday, dropping 28.7%.

All major technology companies were penalized: Netflix -5.45%, Alphabet (Google) -3.82%, Amazon -5.09% and Facebook -5.72%. The social network had the lowest price since February 2017.

"The movement of the day has been publicly announced about the technology and (semiconductor) groups after Friday's strong sales," Sam Stovall of CFRA Research said. Said.

”This seems to be a general revision of actions that mobilize most of the flight,“ he said.

In the debt markets, 10-year Treasury yields dropped to 3.054% from 3.063% on Friday, and 30-year Treasury interest rates fell from 3.316% to 3.313% in the last session.

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