Friday , May 20 2022

Vila Verde. Association reports on differences in diabetic types – Weekly V


The Diabete Association launched a sensible march for Diabetes, which took place in the center of Vila Verde this Sunday. On November 14th, as part of World Diabetes Day, this association brought together some type 1 diabetes patients to raise awareness and raise awareness of the disease.

Associate vice-president Cristina Mota, in the district of Vila Verde, has some extreme cases of type 1 diabetes – if the pancreas is not releasing insulin – the vast majority is even type 2 – the right insulin.

We are doing these initiatives because people are less embarrassing and revealing themselves more and more, fazla says Cristina Mota, an alert to type 2 diabetes, as an outbreak of our time.

"One of our goals with this march is to report the difference between two types of diabetes," Vinca said. Said.

According to the Diabetes Portal, one of the two diabetic patients does not know that the disease.

It is estimated that the prevalence of diabetes in the national area is 13.3% and about 44% of the Portuguese population cannot yet be diagnosed.

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